Why test?

Biomonitoring can:

  • Assess exposure by all routes (inhalation,ingestion and skin absorption).
  • Assess efficacy of personal protective equipment and engineering controls.
  • Assess human factors.

Environmental applications for Chemitrace’s biomonitoring tests include:

  • Monitoring populations exposed to heavy and continuous traffic movements.
  • Monitoring populations living in areas impacted by pollutants.
  • Testing individuals suspected of being subject to exposure (including support of legal actions).
  • Monitoring populations potentially exposed to airborne pollutants through specific activities e.g. working old landfill sites, decommissioning/refurbishing old plant etc.

Chemitrace’s tests can be used by occupational hygienists and physicians to:

Confirm compliance with regulations and approvals:
For example COSHH risk assessment (regulation 6), controlling risk (regulation 7), use & maintenance of controls (regulations 8 & 9), monitoring exposure (regulation 10), health surveillance (regulation 11) and training employees about risk (regulation 12).

Evaluate Site Safety Practices:
Confirm procedures, protocols and the correct use and function of personal protective equipment.

Establish Good Practice:
Confirm that you are deploying ‘Best Health & Safety Working Practice’ and support improvements in working practice.

Provide Safety Assurance to Employees:
Confirm the safety of operatives occupied in potentially hazardous tasks.

Identify Exposure Trends:
Identify and monitor exposure trends and assess low-level exposures over time.