Chemitrace specialise in the development, manufacture, supply and support of biomonitoring test kits for determining human exposure to harmful chemicals.

Chemical exposure can be determined by biological monitoring (biomonitoring). Biomonitoring is the measurement of the chemical, or a related metabolite, in the body of an exposed individual. The measured chemical or product is known as a Biomarker.

Chemitrace are world leaders in the field of biomonitoring and are developing novel methods for monitoring occupational and environmental exposure to chemicals and pollutants. Chemitrace develop and produce simple and cost-effective kits for laboratory analysis and rapid point of care tests for on-site screening.

Test kits can be used to monitor health, safety and environmental performance and confirm compliance with regulatory standards. ELISA test kits can be employed by laboratories to provide routine test services. Point of care tests will enable on-site screening allowing employers to confirm the immediate impact of good working practice and provide immediate reassurance to those involved in hazardous tasks.

For further details about Chemitrace’s biomonitoring programme please contact Chemitrace using the link below.

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